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Jackson Peters
Jackson Peters

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A Brief Update

Beginning this update. While the time between this post and the previous is not ideal, my personal life has been getting a bit busy, with the end of the University semester fast approach, meaning assessments and work start to pile up, I was also busy applying to graduate positions across several organisations.

When this university semester (at time of writing) is over, a lot more work will be put into this website portfolio, and more projects will be created and worked on.

Which leads to the next section...

Changes to the Website

The most obvious change to this site is the cosmetic changes in the 'Blog' page, and the addition of a 'Go Back' button to the blog posts, I plan to work on a complete UI / UX overhaul. This will entail actually adding some colour to this website, finally using some other colours than white, black and grey.

New Projects

I haven't been completely idle, I've began work on two projects, a Python-based web scraper, and a JavaScript React app. Both of these projects are in the early stages of their development, so it will be some time before I add them (properly) to my portfolio.