Welcome to Jackson Peters.dev!

This is my portfolio site where I showcase and detail the programming projects that I work on in my spare time.

My overall goal is to learn a variety of programming languages covering a variety of topics.

Currently, my main focus is on learning various web development technologies, such as Flask for Python, Next.JS and React.

Each time I'll undertake learning a new programming language, I'll endeavour to develop a publicly viewable project in my GitHub profile, as well as providing some documentation on this website.

You can find me on these platforms:

Check out my projects here:

My Blog

A personal blog that I intend to keep up to date with the projects I create.

The blog itself is based on Markdown files (*.md files), and is converted into HTML using grey-matter.

The topics covered in this blog will mostly relate to my experiences writing code and learning new technologies.

My Latest Posts:

Latest Project & Future Plans

A blog post covering my latest project and what future projects I have planned

Jackson Peters
Jackson Peters

Listings Finder | MERN Stack Project

An overview of the Listings Finder Project that I have created using the MERN technology stack.

Jackson Peters
Jackson Peters

My Projects

A Brief overview of the different coding projects that I've either completed or are currently in progress

Next JS Portfolio Site

This website was created using the Next JS React framework, and uses Tailwind CSS for styling

MERN Full Stack Project

A project that uses the MERN technology stack, which uses Mongodb, Express.js, React and Node.js

Python Flask Book store

A project that recreates a online book store using the Python flask framework, and utilising Bootstrap for styling

Film Finder

A project that uses Nuxt.js and FastAPI to create an online movie database..