My Projects

The projects presented on this page are ones that I've created in the pursuit of learning new programming languages.

Currently, I plan to learn a variety of new programming languages, such as C# and Java; as well as expanding my current knowledge of languages like Javascript and Python

For easy access, all my projects can be found here:

I'll create specific project pages for any projects that I believe either deserve further explanation, or I'm just proud of.


Next JS Portfolio Site

This website was created using the Next JS React framework, and uses Tailwind CSS for styling

MERN Full Stack Project

A project that uses the MERN technology stack, which uses Mongodb, Express.js, React and Node.js

Collection of JavaScript Projects

A collection of simple JavaScript projects, hosted on a React project.

Python Flask Bookstore

A project that recreates a online bookstore using the Python flask framework, and utilising Bootstrap for styling

Film Finder

An online movie database built using Nuxt.js for the frontend and FastAPI for the backend.