Latest Project & Future Plans
Jackson Peters
Jackson Peters

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Future Plans and My Latest Project

While it has been some time I posted something on this blog, I have been at work with creating and working on several projects, some of which I'll explain below.

I also intend to cover some of my future plans as well, mainly on what project I'll be working on next, as well as revisiting one of my earlier projects.

My Latest Project

My latest project was the 'Film Finder' full stack website, using Nuxt.js for the frontend and FastAPI for Python as the backend server application. A full explanation about that project can be found here at 'Film Finder'.

But to give a quick rundown, 'Film Finder' is a project that allows a user accessing the frontend nuxt.js app to look up a number of TV Shows and Movies based on the Netflix catalogue.

My Future Plans

So, my future plans involves several things, in (some) particular order they are:

  • Learn and Create a project using the .NET Framework
  • Revisit the MERN Fullstack project and revamp the frontend and backend functionality to be more flexible
  • Learn a new programming language, such as C++, Java or Go, so as to add more programming skills to my skill set / portfolio

It may be some time before I post a project using those new languages (as well as the .NET framework), but I'll endeavour to post an update sometime in June about my progress in whatever I decide to work on first.

Not so concrete plans

Now for the section about my more up in the air plans, or what I would like to do more so as a hobby, which is Video Game development. I intend to keep this on the 'backburner' of my priorities as such; but I intend to complete some introductory Udemy courses on this subject, and create something worth sharing.

Also, this project will be more involved documentation wise than anything I previously worked on, so I'll create something special for that.