Jackson Peters
Jackson Peters

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Hello, and welcome to my website, and my blog. Getting right into it, this first blog post will cover:

About Me

Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, with an emphasis on Mobile Technology, and Business Process Management. I also have an interest in Full Stack Web Development, though currently I am focusing on front end development.

I also have some interest in Video Game development, mainly as a hobby. I do plan to share and document these projects, when I have the time to study game dev. The main language and game engine I plan to focus on is C# and Unity; as Unity uses C# for coding games. I also intend to gain experience using Unreal Engine (and C++), as well as Godot.

I'll provide another blog post detailing my experiences using the above technologies.

My Skills

At the time of writing this blog post, I am most comfortable writing JavaScript and Python programs. For JavaScript, I have experience with using the React.JS and Next JS frameworks.

My experience with Python programming involves using the Flask framework for a University assignment, and using various frameworks based around Data Analytics (such as Pandas), also for University assignments.

The Purpose of the Blog

Simply, the purpose of this blog is to catalog the projects I plan to work on, and the changes / progress that I make. For now, at least, I plan to expand my knowledge of several programming languages, such as C#, to create some projects worth showing off.

Ultimately, I plan for this website to basically represent my programming resumè, with each project having a public GitHub repository to display the code.

My Plans for the Blog

My plans for the blog are relatively simple. I plan to create some projects to show off my skill in some different programming languages, and document them in a blog post.