Film Finder

A Nuxt and FastAPI Project

Page updated 31/10/22: updated links to FastAPI backend.


'Film Finder', as the name may suggest, is an online movie and tv show database, built using Nuxt.js and Fast API.

The data used in this project was sourced from a public dataset based on Netflix's catalogue of media.

The overall reason behind choosing this particular tech stack is that it contains technologies that I personally haven't used before and I wanted to learn more about

Technical Overview

Front end- Nuxt.js App

The front end website is a Nuxt.js Single Page Application, hosted on Vercel. The main reason behind choosing this framework was to gain familiarity with another JavaScript framework.

I chose Nuxt for this project since I wanted to gain familiarity with another framework (as I talked about above) but also to gain exposure to Vue , since Nuxt is built on top of it (like how Next.js is built on top of React).

Alternatively, I went with Nuxt since the framework looked interesting to develop with.


There are several pages available to view in the app, which are:

  • The index / landing page
  • The 'About' page, which provides details about the project itself.
  • The 'Movie' and 'Show' pages, which provides information and listings about their respective categories
  • The 'Search' page which allows a user to query the database for information they want about the site.

The Search Function

Available on the site is a basic search function, which only takes a few arguments, those being the thing that the user searches for (called a query in this case), the column (Title, Director, Cast etc), and a limit on the returned search results.

All search fields are mandatory to fill in, otherwise an error will occur.

The returned error will be labelled as a Network Error, with the specific cause being a CORS error (No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' is present on the requested resource.)

This is due to how the API endpoint for the search function is set up.

Backend- FastAPI

The backend for this project is a Python project powered by FastAPI which uses Prisma to handle querying the SQLite database for data.

The specific Prisma engine that I used in this project is called 'Prisma Client Python' and the documentation for that can be found here.

I went with FastAPI for this project since it's not only popular (with 45.1K stars on GitHub) but it was relatively easy to setup and deploy to Heroku (although I did have some issues with getting Prisma to work on Heroku, but I'll elaborate on that later).

API Routes

there are several API endpoints that are available and that are accessed by the frontend. A brief overview of each route is provided below, a more in-depth overview of each is available in this documentation

  • /api/films - Get everything in the database.
  • /api/films/search - queries the database with certain criteria. Takes column, query and limit as parameters
  • /api/films/shows/(show_id) - returns a specific object based on the show_id field
  • /api/films/(type) - filters results based on the type field, i.e. whether the object is a movie or a tv show
  • /api/films/ratings/(ratings) - returns results based on the rating specified, such as G, PG-13, etc.
  • /api/films/country/(country) - returns results based on what country the films / tv show was filmed in
  • /api/films/year/(year_published) - returns results based when what year they were published to the platform was

Complete Tech Stack

The complete Tech Stack used in this project is listed below:

Overall Development Experience

The overall development experience was quite smooth and simple, aside from the usual issues that stem from using completely new frameworks.

The most major issue that I faced was getting the prisma generate command working on Heroku, and the easiest solution was to updated the Heroku Procfile to:

This allowed Heroku to run the prisma generate command before starting up the application itself.

What I learned

The main things that I took away from creating and working on this project are that:

  • It's rather easy and quick to get a Nuxt app and a FastAPI app initialised and running locally, and the easiness to deploy them to hosting sites
  • How a Nuxt Single Page Application functions, in terms of development
  • How to develop a Python REST API using FastAPI,and how to deploy it to Heroku using Prisma