My first proper project that I've undertaken was creating this website to catalogue the projects I have done, and projects that I plan to do.

Tools Used

I used the Next.JS JavaScript framework to build this website, as part of my goal of learning new frameworks for JavaScript web development.

As for the style of the website, I used Tailwind CSS, as I was interested in how it worked and what it is like to work with compared to other options such as Bootstrap


As previously mentioned, the main purpose behind the creation and use of this website was to provide a place for me to catalogue and document the various coding projects I create.

The Blog Component

The reason that I included a blogging component to this site was for me to easily have a place to talk about various topics, such as my experience with working on a major project. The blog itself was created using a tutorial guide, and converts a Markdown (*.md) file to HTML.


The following are the resources that I have used in the development of this website